Lake Artemesia Natural Area, MNCPPC

Lake Artemesia is a large (by suburban standards) 38 acre lake created on the site of a former maze of fish ponds, dug out by Metro for its rail line. In mitigation Metro constructed the lake and surrounding paved trails and facilities. This is one of the best inland aquatic habitats in the suburban area. A paved trail circumambulates the lake; a branch passes across a grassy meadow, and a side trail leads up and down adjacent Indian Creek.


In winter the lake may have a good collection of ducks including Redheads, mergansers, and other diving species; loons, and grebes. The meadow, if un-mowed, is good for sparrows and other wintering birds. In spring the surrounding woods are a magnet for warblers and other passerines. The pond is good for gulls and terns and migrant swallows. In summer, egrets may stop by. In fall, migration is also good, with Rusty Blackbirds and Bobolinks possible. Gallinules and even rails have shown up when the lakeside is left to grow. Breeding birds include Wood Duck, Green Heron, Purple Martin, Warbling Vireo, Scarlet Tanager, and both orioles.

Cross the bridge at south end and walk back along Indian Creek or continue south to the College Park Airport, checking creek-side vegetation during migration. In winter, visit nearby Greenbelt Lake (q.v.). N.B. The trail is popular all year.
Best Seasons: 
Year round
Sunrise to sunset
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Lake Artemesia
Site Address: 
55th Street and Berwyn Road, Berwyn Heights, MD 20740
Generous, near entrance.
From Route 197, Greenbelt Road, going east from US 1 in College Park, crossing the Metro line, after 1.0 mi. turn left at light on Branchville Road. Or access the same turn coming westward from Kenilworth Avene. Follow this back under Greenbelt Road and on to Berwyn Road on the left. Just ahead is substantial parking.
Special Features: 
Handicapped accessible trails can be accessed at the 5200 block of Calvert Road in College Park, or Osage Street and Swathmore Court in Berwyn Heights.
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