Milltown Landing WMA

Milltown Landing, operated by Maryland’s Department of Natural Resouces and administered from near-by Merkle Wildlife Management Area (WMA), is one of several DNR WMA’s along the Patuxent River. A tobacco farm since colonial times, the WMA is still managed as a farm under lease to a local operator. First-time visitors may be disappointed by the lack of habitat in spring, since soybeans and corn predominate the acreage. Milltown Landing Rd continues inside the WMA , leading to the Patuxent River.


During fall migration and winter the hedgerows can harbor a diversity of sparrows, including White-crowned, Vesper, American Tree, and Savanna. Rarities sometimes occur. An active Great Blue Heron colony occupies the marshy area on the south. Short-eared Owls may course the fields in late fall/winter; Barn Owls may fly out of the barn.

Walk the trail leading north from the road, a little past the residence. Migrant warblers may be seen spring and fall, and Eastern Screech Owls heard.
Best Seasons: 
Fall, after harvest; winter; early spring before planting.
Dusk to dusk, all year. Active hunting during season except Sunday.
301-888-1410 (office at Cedarville)
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Milltown Landing WMA
Site Address: 
Milltown Landing Rd , Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
On site; at end of Milltown Landing Road, bear right before gate.
From Rt 301, go S 4 mi past Rt 4, turn left on to Croom Rd on left at light. Continue 14 miles, past Candy Hill, River Airport, and White’s Ferry Rd’s, to Milltown Landing Rd on left. Proceed to end, ignoring “No Trespassing” signs.
Prince George's County