Oxon Hill Farm Park

Oxon Hill Farm Park is a large park just outside the District Line, bounded by the Capital Beltway and the Potomac River. Shallow Oxon Run and Cove on its northern edge exposes mudflats at low tide. The park contains woodlands, hedgerows, and a large open field (once a farm for St Elizabeth’s mental Hospital). 


At the farm field, depending on current management practice, there may be breeding Meadowlarks and Grasshopper Sparrows; Bobolinks in migration; winter Sparrows (Savannah, Vesper, White-crowned, Tree) in fall and winter.  Up-slope from Oxon Run is a former landfill which has harbored Lincoln’s and Sharp-tailed Sparrows, even rails. Oxon Cove is a good spot for shorebirds. The hedgerow is v good for spring migrant warblers. 

Best Seasons: 
All except mid-summer
8 AM to 4:40 PM every day exc T’giving, Christmas, New Years.
Google Map: 
Oxon Hill Farm Park
Site Address: 
Bald Eagle Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20750
Generous, near entrance
Since a major widening of the Beltway and its inter-changes with I-295 and Rt 210, Oxon Hill Park has become more hemmed in and difficult to access. Follow these directions carefully - From the Beltway, exit at St Barnabas Rd (exit 4) and immediately bear right on Oxon Hill Rd. Immediately after crossing Rt 210, slow and turn right at the brown sign for the park and cross over the Beltway directly into the park. Parking is on the left. From here a narrow road leads along parallel to the beltway further in to the park. (Most roads are closed to private vehicles.) This leads to the old farm field. From the parking lot, one can walk north to a hedgerow lying in front of abandoned buildings.
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